Exa-flo Ltd was registered in the United Kingdom as a private limited liability company in July 2019. It began trading as an active business on 1 October 2019. The aim of the company is to provide advanced and scientifically robust measurement and diagnostic services, consulting advice and/or specialist courses to companies, universities, government, charities and other organizations requiring advanced technical support for engineering applications. The company took up laboratory/office premises located at the new Bedford Borough Council i-Worx industry site for small engineering businesses in February 2020.

Dr Russel Lockett (Director) has 35 years experience in the development and application of advanced optical diagnostics in the measurement of fluid properties in engineering applications, together with modelling of flame structure, chemical kinetic modelling of combustion, pyrolysis, emissions and soot formation, and dynamical systems analysis of chemical kinetics. Specifically, he has employed Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) spectroscopy for temperature measurement in engines; single-shot and high speed, high-resolution, simultaneous Lorentz-Mie/Rayleigh scattering/laser induced fluorescence (LIF)/laser induced incandescence (LII) measurements in gasoline, kerosene & diesel fuel sprays in engines (incl. model gas turbine combustors), fuel flow inside real-size injectors, laboratory flames, combustion gases and particulates. He was involved in the development and application of Laser Sheet Drop-sizing to engine sprays, improvements in applied CARS thermometry, LIF measurements in engines & internal micro-fluid flows, laser ignition, and dynamical systems analysis of complex chemical kinetic mechanisms. In the course of his university research career, he has mentored 3 post-doctoral research fellows, supervised 6 PhD & 1 MPhil students to completion, and authored/co-authored approximately 70 journal papers, conference papers and research reports.

Dr Lockett has wide experience of working collaboratively with universities, companies and national research organizations. Specifically, he has led/undertaken research programmes for the National Energy Council (Republic of South Africa (RSA)), EPSRC (UK), and ERC (EU); Rolls-Royce, Shell (UK), Peugeot-Citroen PSA (France), SASOL (RSA), BMW and Siemens (Germany); Universities of Natal, Witwatersrand and Cape Town (RSA), Cranfield University, University of Leeds, and City, University of London (UK).

In addition to his research, Dr Lockett has wide experience of university-level administration, education and teaching. He served as Director of Studies (HoD – Mechanical Engineering), Course Director (Mechanical Engineering Programmes), and Thermo-Fluids Laboratory Manager while at City, University of London.

As Thermo-Fluids Laboratory Manager, he led an £8.5M laboratory refurbishment programme, which included the design, health & safety, operations, project and financial management of the refurbishment project (encompassing electrical & IT infrastructure, compressed air supply & distribution, water supply & plant cooling, ventilation, gas extraction & fire protection to 18 local test cells, adjacent laboratories and School workshops, all integrated into the building IT management system). During this period, he also led the development and application of the Health & Safety policies and practices in the Thermo-Fluids Laboratory, which ensured the ongoing safety of academic & technical staff, students and visitors working in or visiting the Laboratory.

He has taught Physics and/or Mechanical Engineering subjects at all levels at the Universities of Natal, Witwatersrand, Cape Town, Cranfield, and City, University of London. Specifically, he has taught and/or tutored university courses in engineering mathematics, thermodynamics, properties of matter, physics laboratory, physics for medical students, modern physics for engineers, wave theory, quantum mechanics, particle physics, quantum electrodynamics, internal combustion engines, vehicle powertrain, gas turbines, engineering sustainability, mechanical design, combustion fundamentals & applications, and advanced measurement techniques in combustion & flow. He was voted Department Best Lecturer three times.