Exa-flo Ltd offers advanced engineering measurement services in fluid systems, single- and multi-phase flows, fuels, fuel sprays, fuel injection systems, engines, combustion, in-cylinder combustion gases, particulates and engine-out emissions.  We are committed to the highest quality in scientific measurement techniques and methodology.  

We are able to provide advice on advanced in-situ high-resolution high-speed optical diagnostics, scientific imaging methods, equipment and test facilities. We are also able to provide advice on laboratory layout, design and infrastructure services for an advanced thermo-fluids laboratory, incorporating electrical, heating, exhaust, and fire suppression systems, compressors, ventilation, fume cupboards, test cells, and laser safety. 

We also offer the capability to undertake quantitative computational analyis of reacting flows, utilizing detailed chemical kinetic mechanisms of fuel oxidation, pyrolysis, NOx and soot formation.  

We are able to provide advanced industry/university training courses in fuels, combustion, chemical kinetics, combustion emissions, engines, gas turbines, fuel injection systems, advanced laser-based measurement techniques, the safe use of Class 3/4 lasers, and health, safety and risk management in a research laboratory.